African Grey parrots and eggs


So tiny and adorable! African Grey is a playful, little guy that is super friendly. He can’t wait to meet you. He just knows you’ll love him as much as he’ll love you! African Grey will arrive healthy, happy, pre-spoiled and current on vaccinations. This cutie promises to bring much joy to your home. Don’t miss out on making this special your very own.

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African Grey parrots and eggs

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With a unique, robust look, these parrots are always easily recognized. Males and females are nearly identical and will reach an average length of around 13 inches (33 centimeters). With their bulky build and an average weight of about a pound (400 grams), these parrots will require a lot of space and plenty of exercise to keep them healthy and in shape. African Grey Parrot can also be prone to obesity, so a balanced diet and activity are more than needed.

One of the trademark signs and a lovable feature of the African Grey Parrot is their remarkable ability to talk and mimic human speech. They are able to develop a substantial vocabulary with little to no training, and will always be the entertainer in the family. And with their intelligence, they can even go a step further and recognize common objects. One escaped African Grey Parrot from Japan was successfully returned to his owner – because he clearly stated his name and address! Still, their talkative nature might be best experienced in a household environment.African Grey parrots and eggs

While not full of colors or exotic patterns, these parrots have a lot of details and an elegant charm that makes them beautiful in their own way. As the name suggests, the body is mostly grey, with lighter shades on the belly and darker on the wings and back. The bigger part of the body has a tiny, white-gray pattern which gives them a unique scaly look. Most of the face is white, and their iconic feature is the red tail feathers which provide a great contrasting feature to the overall look. With these simple colors but unique combinations, the African Grey Parrot is an unmistakable charmer.

The red tail of these parrots stands out and makes them easily recognized even from afar.

In the wild, African Grey Parrot thrives on a varied diet of seeds, maize, fruits, berries, and nuts. For your pet, you should start with a commercial seed mix or kibble that is designed for large parrots or African Greys specifically. You can also offer a plenty of cooked foods like beans, corn, sunflower seeds. And of course, fruits and vegetables are healthy treats for your pet.

You should also provide bathing dishes. This ensures healthy hygiene and a cooling off in the summer – two requirements for a healthy parrot.

Robust and bulky, these parrots have little troubles in their life. Their long lifespan of 60 years is a testament to this fact. With enough good care and attention, your African Grey Parrot will be with you for a long time. But, being affectionate and friendly, they will depend on your company. A neglected and lonesome parrot will develop many issues. Good sources of entertainment are the parrot toys. Provide a good bunch of chewing toys, ropes and perches, to keep your parrot always entertained. Be on the lookout for some common parrot related issues: difficult breathing, feather loss, and apathy. Although rare, these signs can point to a bigger problem.

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