Cockatoo Baby Parrot


This beautiful baby hyacinth, her name is Nellie, she’s just been weaned and loves to go out on her harness for walks, she is silly tame! Waiting to meet her forever home.

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Cockatoo Baby Parrot


Rose Breasted Cockatoo

A captive bred Rose Breasted Cockatoo makes a more affectionate and healthier pet than the wild-caught ones. The Rose Breasted Cockatoo is relatively quiet and has an engaging, sprightly personality and a good ability to mimic human speech.

Special Characteristics


    • Cockatoos love to be cuddled and bond very easily with their human owners


    • Well-raised cockatoos are adorable; a hog for attention, a socialite, and just a pleasure to have around.


    • Not all Cockatoos are talkers. But those who can have good amount of vocabulary.


    • These birds are in constant need for attention. Lack of attention from their owners.


    • might lead to boredom and feather plucking.


    • Cockatoos love to chew and destroy things, so providing chewable toys is a necessity.




The Cockatoos are very lively and affectionate birds. They are quite “cuddly” and bond very closely with their owners. However, their sociability and need for affection means they demand a great deal of time from their owners. Deprived of affection, cockatoos will become depressed or exhibit neurotic behaviors. They are intelligent, playful, mischievous, and they can be exceptionally loud. They are somewhat excitable so sometimes don’t do that well around young kids.



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