Green Cheek Conure Baby Parrot


Babies 6-12 weeks old. Ready to be shipped. Hand fed.

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Green Cheek Conure Baby Parrot


Green cheeks are not known to be nippy, and are particularly affectionate. Because green-cheeked conures are highly affectionate and love their owners intensely, they need an owner that is able to give them a great deal of time out of the cage.


How to Get Your Conure to Talk

The green cheeks are perfect for living in an apartment, unlike the sun (aratinga family) which screeches.Green Cheek Conure Baby Parrot

Trello the Green Cheek Conure Talking

Trello the Green Cheek Conure Talking

SOURCE:Pet Anything

The green-cheeked conure is very fond of climbing and playing and needs a cage that allows them to move freely with plenty of toys to keep them occupied. interactive colorful Puzzle toys and toys that make sounds are the best  way to keep your green cheek conure paérrot  entertained and busy. They like to time out of the cage but they need to be supervised unless you want them to re decorate your home!Green Cheek Conure Baby Parrot

Food includes daily feed, fruits, vegetables, sprouted legumes, and grains as a snack.

The natural color is green, with blue flight feathers, the tail is red and on the lower belly.

How I Taught My Green Cheek Conure to Talk

How I Taught My Green Cheek Conure to Talk

SOURCE:Pet Anything

Green Cheek Conure Talking Age

At what age do the green cheek conure parrot start talking?
around 2 to 4 months old

Can you teach conures to talk?

Teaching your conure to speak can be a fun project for you and your parrot. This requires that you have a very strong relationship with your parrot conure and that you are consistent and very pated with your training lessons. With some basic training, repetitions enchene your conure parrot will begin to respond to speaking.

Easiest Phrases & Easiest Words To Teach Your Green Cheek Conure Parrot

Friday Top Five - Easiest Phrases & Easiest Words To Teach Your Green Cheek Conure Parrot

SOURCE:Manda & Rio

Can Green cheek conure talk very clearly?

No the green cheeked conure parrot cannot speak clearly like the other parrot like African Grey Parrot ,Amazon Parrot , Eclectuse..
However the green cheeked conure can mimike some sound


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