Green Cheek Conure Parrot


I’m so happy that you are looking at my pictures. I’m an even cuter green cheek conure parrot in person! Everyone loves me! I have been told that I have beautifully colored feathers.  They are fluffy and baby soft. Just think of all the fun things we can do together. We can shop for parrot toys together, take long walks on the beach or just stay at home watching a good movie on TV. I promise to meet you at the door every day, ready to play and cuddle, so choose me! I will be waiting by the phone for your call.

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Green Cheek Conure Parrot


Green-Cheeked Conure Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a green-cheeked conure?

The conure, green-cheeked parakeet, is known to be the quietest compared to other conures. Although they have clown-like and affectionate personalities, they are known to be the shyest. They live in pairs and flocks of 10 to 20 individuals. They enjoy living in the wild and on top of trees. A green-cheeked parakeet loves to chew its food before consuming it.

The green-cheek conure likes a spacious cage to run around. It enjoys playing and appreciates if different toys are provided in its cage.

What class of animal does a green-cheeked conure belong to?

The green-cheeked conure species is a bird and a kind of parrot. It belongs to the class Aves and the family Psittacidae.

How many Green Cheek Conure Parrot are there in the world?

The exact number of green-cheeked conure species is not known. However, it is widely distributed in South America, and its conservation status is Least Concern.

Where does a Green Cheek Conure Parrot live?

Green-cheek conure parrots live in forests and woodlands. These birds are found in Brazil, Argentina, west-central and southern Mato Grosso, Paraguay, northern and eastern Bolivia.

They are distributed in the northern highlands of eastern Bolivia to Argentina in the northwest.

What is a green-cheeked conure’s habitat?

The green-cheek conure species habitat comprises forests and woodlands. They prefer to live at treetop level and at elevations up to 1.8 mi (3000 m). Green-cheek conure parrots usually live at treetop level to protect themselves from predators. In treetops, it will be difficult for their predators to reach their nests and eggs. In addition, the color of Pyrrhura molinae parrots serves as camouflage making it difficult for predators to see them when they are perching.

Who do green-cheeked conures live with?

Green-cheeked conure parrots live in pairs or flocks of 10 to 20 individuals.

How long does a green-cheeked conure live?

The green-cheeked conure species are expected to live for 35 to 40 years in a healthy environment.

How do Green Cheek Conure Parrot reproduce?

All birds reproduce sexually. During the mating season, male parrots get closer to female parrots. Males lend their sperm inside the female cloaca and fertilize the eggs. The average clutch size is four to six eggs. The incubation period takes place for 22 to 25 days.

Pyrrhura molinae parrots build nests in hollow trees to lay eggs.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of green-cheeked conures is Least Concern.

Green-Cheeked Conure Fun Facts

What do green-cheeked conures look like?

Green-cheeked parakeet birds are 10 in (26 cm) length and weigh around 60-80g (2.1-2.8 oz). It is primarily green with a black, brown or gray crown. It has green cheeks with white rings around its neck. The beak is gray and its main wing is blue. It has short stripes of contrasting colors on its breast and red in the abdomen area. The tail is 4-6 in (10.1-15.2 cm) long and is maroon. Their long pointed tail is primarily maroon.

Males and females have similar external appearances, but the young ones have dull feathers, dark iris, and less maroon feathers on their abdomens.

A green cheeked conure is a small parrot under the genus Pyrrhura.

How cute are they?

Yes, green-cheeked conures are cute small-sized birds. As their name suggests, they have green cheeks. Pyrrhura molinae birds have rings around their eyes and neck. They have a long tail and are maroon mainly in color. Their bill is shaped like other conures and is gray.

How do they communicate?

Conures communicate through vocalization and they make sharp or melodic sounds. When in flight, the calls made are rapid and the notes are repeated. Its second note is lower in tone.

Pet owners love green-cheek conures for their quietness compared to other conures. They only make some noise and are not loud, and do not frequently keep on calling. Most interestingly, green-cheeked conures are known to talk and have the ability to learn a few words.

How big is a Green Cheek Conure Parrot?

The green-cheeked conure species is 10 in (26 cm) length. It is three times smaller than the hyacinth macaw.

How fast can a green-cheeked conure fly?

These parrots are known to fly 30 mi (48.2 km) per day, but there is no estimate of their speed as of now.

How much does a green-cheeked conure weigh?

The weight of a green-cheeked conure is 60-80g (2.1-2.8 oz).

What are their male and female names of the species?

Males of this species are known as cocks, and the females of this species are known as hens.

What would you call a baby green-cheeked conure?

A baby green-cheeked conure is known as a chick.

What do they eat?

The diet of a green-cheek conure is similar to that of the parrot species. Their diet comprises fruits, vegetables, and seeds such as sunflower, hemp, and safflower seeds in the wild. It also sometimes likes to eat insects. Conures usually go in search of food in groups and sleep together as well.

The diet of conures which are kept in captivity should comprise only fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds. You can also let them eat high-quality commercial diet pellets. If you are keeping them as pets, provide them enough nutrition so that they are healthy.

Are they dangerous?

Green-cheeked conures are not dangerous.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, green-cheeked conures would make a great pet as they are frie

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