Indian Ring Necked Parakeet Baby Parrot


I have 7 weeks old white baby ringneck,
they will be ready after 2 weeks if anybody interest let me know, if you want more pictures or videos contact me

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Indian Ring Necked Parakeet Baby Parrot


Indian Ring Necked Parakeet Baby Parrot

Care & Feeding

Indian ring-necked parakeets are sensitive birds that need lots of play time and time out of the cage to remain happy; if not, expect your bird to develop neurotic disorders that many be very difficult to reverse.

Because of the long tail, Indian ring necks need a larger cage than another bird of the same relative size. Ring necks love their toys, and will hang on them and toss them around the cage, so be sure to have lots of toys on hand to replace the ones your bird destroys — this type of destruction is a normal, healthy part of being a companion bird. If you can handle a good deal of chattering, some of it ear-piercing, and you have the time and energy to spend with this beautiful bird, consider welcoming an Indian ring-necked parakeet into your family.

Indian ring necks tend to have good appetites. As with any bird, make sure to feed a balanced, nutritious diet that includes pellets, fruit, veggies, and healthy table foods. This way you can be sure that your bird is nourished and will not become bored with his diet. Nutri-BerriesAvi-Cakes, and Premium Daily Diet are some of the Lafeber foods that offer optimum nutrition that encourages interaction.

These birds are reported to live for more than 30 years.

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